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Automotive Glass

Did you know that your windshield plays a critical role in your vehicles structural integrity? A small chip or crack can seriously compromise your safety and should be repaired or replaced as soon as the damage is detected SO IT'S THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT.

Automotive Glass

In the early years of the automobile, vehicles were made of steel and were much larger and heavier. The vehicle's frame actually provided the structural support which kept passengers safe in the event of a collision.

Fast forward to the automobile of today and you see a sleek, stylish, lighter, more energy efficient vehicle. While, these vehicles are designed, manufactured and crash tested for the safety of the consumer, the structural support system is completely different. Today, the vehicle's body, including the windshield is responsible for a major part of the structural integrity of the vehicle, the role once held by the steel frame. Not only is the windshield an integral part of the roofs structure, the windshield is part of the vehicle's safety restraint system (SRS) which also includes air bags and seat belts and if any of these safety components are damaged, or are inoperable for any reason, the effectiveness of the entire SRS could be compromised.

Now that we have determined that the windshield is very important at not only keeping wind, rain, an untold number of bugs and other airborne road debris out of our faces. We also know that it is intended to keep occupants SAFE inside the vehicle.

At Go Glass & Accessories, our technicians are fully trained and comply with Canadian vehicles safety standards. Using only top quality crash tested materials; the windshield in your vehicle is replaced to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. Each windshield replacement is guaranteed against manufacturing defects and our installations are guaranteed against leakage.